Many industries – from food processing to mining – depend on size reduction to meet process specifications. Characteristics that impact flow rates are hardness, bulk density, moisture content, temperature sensitivity, abrasiveness, and toxicity. Pulva serves the following industries and their unique needs with a wide range of particle size reduction technologies.

carbon black grinding

Carbon Black

Carbon black is a nearly pure form of carbon in the form of particles that have the physical appearance of very coarse black powder. Approximately 90% of carbon black is used in rubber applications or as an essential ingredient in plastics, pigments, and coatings and need to be pulverized before being processed or pelletized.

Pigment Grinding

Colored Pigments

For optimum pigment performance in paints or inks, dry powder pigments are taken from a wet to dry presscake and then pulverized to produce a fine powder before it’s agglomerated into a final product.


Spices are essential ingredients to impart flavor to food. After cleaning and drying, they are graded and pulverized to convert them into powder form.


The pulverization of powders for pharmaceuticals is a simple and effective way of increasing their pharmacological effect. Typically, these powders attract water and clump, and need to be pulverized before entering a mixing tank.


The optimal operation for many food processes relies on size reduction technologies to get raw materials and products into powder or particulate form.


The effectiveness of fertilizers and the raw compounds that are the basis for them are affected by particle size, which, in turn affects release rate and potency in the field.


Minimize product lost in the recycle loop and increase overall product quality by re-entering oversized pellets into production with Pulva technology.


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